Zucchini Pizza

I love pizza. Every gooey, cheesy, thick crusted bite of fatty deliciousness, really – who doesn’t? It’s one of our goto dinners, especially with our commute and not getting home most evenings until 6 or later, it makes meal prep the last thing I want to do. Plus, everyone will eat pizza without any fuss. Now pizza and weight loss rarely go in hand – every food plan will say indulge occasionally with a slice of pizza. Who eats one slice? Let’s be realistic it’s more like 3-4, I honestly just like cheese but as a compromise we usually get some kind of meat and a veggie. I know I can add a salad and make it healthier, but it’s pizza. So in an effort to make pizza healthier I looked for some alternatives and last night I made this: Zucchini Crust pizza. The prep was super easy – I shredded 4 small zucchini in my food processor in the morning and let it drain in strainer bowl (Pampered Chef nested colander and bowl set FTW). The mixed it with one large egg, 1/2 cup shaved Parmesan cheese and 1 cup grated mozzarella. The sauce is just a tomato sauce.  I decided to keep it simple this first time (in case it wasn’t so great we didn’t waste a bunch of toppings).  The crust I baked for about 30 minutes until it was golden at the edges, then we added the toppings.

The proof was in the taste test, it was very good and with some toppings it would be a very satisfying dinner, I am thinking chicken, basil and mushrooms. 50% of my children asked me to make it again and the other 50% asked for skeby-o’s with meatballs. I call it a win.



Zucchini Crust pizza


July Progress

January 2013

It’s been awhile since I did a progress report so here goes:

Bust   44″ now 40.5″   -3.5″
Rear 47″ now 42″         -5″
Waist  42″ now 35.75″    -6.25″
Arms  17″ now 14.75″       -2.25″
Thigh   29.5″ now 24.25″    -5.25″
Calves  20″ now 18.75″     -1.25″
BMI  37   now 31.5
Total Measurable Losss   23.5″ and 35#’s
Total miles for July: 87.5
Miles ran: 247 /700 for 2014
WEIGHT photoLOSS: While the progress has been incredibly slow at the beginning of July I was at 212#’s and I am now sitting at 201#, I will be breaking through into Onderland before the week ends. I gave it some thought and it’s been 6 years since my daily triple didn’t begin with a 2. I feel very confident that this time I am making weight loss for life a lifestyle, not just another temporary visit to a smaller size. I know this last month dropping 11 pounds is not typical, but it’s a good kick start to more steady loss over the coming months.
RUNNING:  Facebook had this challenge group to run 100 miles for the month, I joined mostly to be motivated on days where I wanted to rest. I pushed the last two weeks of the month, down to the last few days and woke up on Wednesday the 30th with 12 miles to go and two hamstring cramps. I knew right then and there I wasn’t going to make 100 miles. I let my body rest, 3 days before heading back out. I was exhausted. Yesterday I did my second 10 miler ever and improved my time by 9 minutes. It was tough but I feel in control of it and my preparation for two half marathons in the fall is right on schedule.
OTHER PEOPLE IN MY LIFE: The husband is has now lost a total of 74#’s. He looks like a totally new man. We have had to replace all of his shorts and  we have been able to switch to regular 2XL shirts, probably XLT if I could find them, he stands 6’5″  the tall is important. My sister and her son have taken up the C25K program and they both seem to be enjoying themselves. My sister-in-law told me last night that she wants to start running again and has a lofty goal of completing a Tough Mudder – I may be ready for that next year myself.
MENTAL HEALTH: I have put the counseling to the side, like my previous attempts at talking to a therapist all they confirm is the things I already know. I have come to the conclusion that the only answer is to tell myself to stop when I start over-thinking and over analyzing, distracting myself with something else seems to help.  I allow myself a few minutes a day to think about those topics that seem to be my constant worry and then put it to the side as best I can.
In the month of August I have 2 -5K events, one in Colorado on the 16th and the other here in KY on the 24th. I am hoping to set a PR for the event on the 24th. I will celebrate one more trip around the sun, thankful for each and everyday that I have been given, trying to get the most out of each of those days, loving life with my family, friends, and running shoes.

One Year of Timed Events

Happy Fourth of July…a few days late.

This past Friday I celebrated one year of timed events.  My mother asked me if I had a goal, of cours20140705-075059-28259492.jpge I did to improve over my time from last year.

I know I went out too fast, my perfectly arranged playlist was all ready to keep me . My mother showed up, that was a surprise as she is recovering from a rather intense shoulder surgery,  she gave me a hug and wished me luck.

First song: Lose Yourself, a mile in I knew I had gone out too fast, 10:10.  The  first place finisher passed me at 15 minutes; at the three mile mark I saw my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew – it was just .14 to the finish, last song Titanium.  When I stopped my watch I was very pleased to see that I had improved over my last years time:

2013: 786/875     (414/489 women)                                     39:08

2014: 578/780    (275/419 women) (9/27 Athena)       33:46

My improvement: 5:22 faster



My Family: Myself, Scott, Piper and Ailey


When the adult run was finished they had a kids fun run and my nephew has shown interest in running,  my sister is doing a C25K with him, he made a good showing and I love that he is wanting to try this. They are planning to do the Color Run in Cincinnati in August, I can’t wait to see how they enjoy it!

As he and I walked hand and hand back to where we all parked he asked if I had won. I had to think for a minute and then I explained to him that I will more than likely never win an event, and I don’t run to win, I do it for my health, to build stronger muscles, to help with my weight, to give me more energy and to challenge myself.

In hindsight I did win.  In the last year I have lost 30#, I have lost inches off my body, my legs aren’t much smaller but they are leaner, I worked through an injury that made me push back a goal, I’ve learned to listen to my body, and to look up instead of down, to lead with my heart, to drink while running (that’s a challenge all in itself), I’ve made the conscious choice to make running part of me, I own every mile I log; and while I will never be first, I know what it feels like to be last, I know what it feels like to cry with pride and frustration, I know what it feels like to cross the finish line knowing I put all of me out there and get every bit back.


A huge shout out to the husband (see him up there) he has lost 60# this year!


12 Weigh-ins later….and my Anchor

1/20/13 236# *23.4 pounds lost* 4/28/13 212.6#

Well it’s been over a month since I posted, and a lot has happened. I had joined a gym and was up to running intervals up to 5 minutes each, about 50-60 minutes 7 days a week, all seemed to be going really well and then I lost my job, so I also had to quit the gym. I was (and still am) struggling with issues regarding that, but I didn’t let it ruin the personal progress I was making here, if anything it boosted me to stay with WW and exercise was it remained the constant positive thing I was doing for me to let off emotional issues, in lieu of feeding I worked out.

I had interviews within two days and accepted a job offer by the 4th day after. The best part of that was finding business attire in my closet and it actually fit, a little outdated but none the less fit.

The second hurdle was surgery, it was minor and outpatient but I tried to go back to my routine a little too quickly and ended up having to lay low a few days longer than I initially had thought.

It has been difficult for me to find time to work out, my new schedule combined with Scott’s, new childcare and bedtimes I gave myself that first week to focus on that and this week my goal is to get back out and start rebuilding my running stamina, the dash is a little over a month away.

Since the last post I have continued to lose and I am now at 23.4# loss, next week I will hit both my 10% and 25# loss mark. Notice I use the word WILL not WANT TO, I choose the work will because it commits me to achieving this goal. I had thought when I started this I would be able to drop weight like I did the last time averaging 10# a month, but honestly I am 10 years older I realize now that it isn’t the same as it was then, and I accept, this short term goal is very attainable, and I am a third of the way to my long term goal.



This morning the meeting topic this morning was anchors. A tangible or intangible item or thought that serves as a reminder to keep your goal in mind. As soon as my leader mentioned the topic I knew exactly what mine was.


The ring on the left is mine, I got it when I was about 10, the ring on the right belonged to my Grandmother. I was given this piece when she became an angel last year, I am the only August grandchild. I have always loved that ring, I want to wear it. It’s so small, but I remember when mine was too big and I had to wear it on my middle finger.


Why is this a good piece for me?

My grandmother was a strong woman, but as she aged and her hips were both replaced, several broken backs, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, COPD, and other accompanying health issues combined with being overweight led to her mobility decreasing over the years she was unable with diet alone to lose weight. I know some health issues cannot be prevented but by getting my weight under control now I only make it easier for me to combat anything that may come up, I prepare my daughters to hopefully make the better choices as they grow up so they do not struggle as I have, that hopefully my husband follows suit and joins me in my campaign for health and wellness.


So when this ring fits, and I say when because it will one day, I will move mine over to my middle finger and I will have mine that shows me where I was, and hers to show me how far I have come.

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