A Slice of Turkey and A Piece of the Pig

A week from today is Thanksgiving  will begin with a 10K, the 104th annual Thanksgiving day race, this year’s oldest participant registered to date is 85! This will be my second organized 10K event and my personal goal is to beat my personal best time of 70 minutes. I have been working back up to the distance after two cortisone shots and some therapy my foot is feeling significantly better. I will be joined at this event by my friend Kristina – she and I are quite excited and ready – we both are silently hoping for weather like that of last Thanksgiving, mild and dry.


This will be my last “official” run for 2013, I am amazed at the progress I have made in a little over 9 months but this is not the end, really it’s just the beginning because December 1st I begin training for:

This is really how all my journey from totally sedentary to very active began.

 A friend I went to high school with has a young son who at a very early age has had a liver transplant, I saw her post again and again about his progress and recovery, trips for test and endless medications. Throughout all of this her posts were always positive – a real inspiration of hope. Then she posted that there was a team that ran for her son, and Children’s Organ Transplant Association will get 10% donated for all members of the team.  I saw this post at almost 240#, hadn’t run a step in YEARS, had never run more than 360′ (do the math it’s the distance around four bases) let alone miles. But I promised myself that I would run at least the half…and I will meet my personal goal and run the full by 2016 (maybe sooner) before I turn 40.

Call it a ripple effect but it has changed me, my life, my health and for that I am truly thankful. So next Thursday I will enjoy my slice of turkey, and take the next step toward a piece of the Pig.

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