Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more!!!

The winter has definitely hit hard, it makes getting in activity a little more challenging. Admittedly I have been lazy, the grey dreary skies have never been a friend of mine, and this cold…well don’t get me started, spring training is only a few short days away which means spring is near as well.

I have recently been inspired by a woman who I have known since I was 4 or 5 years old. She has been participating in an Instagram challenge for January posting the most amazing yoga poses. So I messaged her and I went to my first yoga and barre class this past Sunday morning at Full Body Yoga & Fitness Let me say…ahhhmmmmazing! The class that I took was the Slow Flow, geared toward all ability levels, thank goodness because being a beginner at anything is a struggle for me, I want to be right, right away. Oddly enough this was a very comfortable newbie experience, I could feel the connection to my martial arts training and my body easily accepted what I was doing, and at the end, my entire back released and felt better than it has in months. I am signed up already for several other sessions this week. 

The Barre class was something totally foreign to me, I am not a “ballet” type but I have heard such good things about the workout I had to try it. My arms, legs and rear can testify that it was a workout and then some, add that to the squat challenge I am in with my Weight Watchers ladies the temptation to run when I got home was quickly put to rest, though I did consider it.

My hope is that I gain some strength and flexibility and maybe a little of that inner peace we all search for, to tone my jiggly spots back to where they belong, to let my foot heal and when outdoor running season is upon me (please hurry warm weather) I will get up to speed quickly, pun intended. 

 What we steadily, consciously, habitually think we are, that we tend to become


What To Do With Injury Depression

I went to the podiatrist this week, finally, pretty sure that the knee pain that has flared up is a result of overcompensation for my foot and my suspicion of plantar fasciitis was confirmed. The Dr. did a ultrasound and gave me an anti-inflammatory injection (which by the way hurt A LOT), gave me some exercises to stretch the muscle and my Achilles tendon, and a night splint to wear but that didn’t fit my leg so I have not been able to utilize it.

Now what?

Since early October I have really been depressed about not being able to go at the pace I want to, I have been frustrated that I set a goal and I get out and go, to feel my body telling me to stop, my head telling it to hush, my heart breaking because I am so afraid that compromise will lead to a total stoppage. I have cried and fed my sadness that revolves around this internal struggle, to a physical condition; my mental well being right now relies heavily on my exercise and weight loss success, with other facets of my life not in line I need this to hold me together.

This morning laying in bed, after a horrid night sleep, feeling tension in my shoulder, my lower back, feeling like a failure…but I shouldn’t.


My progress is still good, just stalled; injury does not mean stopping, it means finding another way. 



My success in the past didn’t include running,  I know that I can do it outside of that one activity.

I choose, to make this a change for life.

I accept that in life there are setbacks.

I believe that setbacks are temporary.

I love myself enough to not give up.






Exercise is only 4%

The past few weeks I have been asked by people what I am doing to slim down (that feels darn good, especially when I am making very slow progress). I tell them Weight Watchers and running, and the conversation goes on and on and I share a little about how I got into running, and then I hear it “I can’t because…<insert lame-o excuse.>”

I know that running isn’t for everyone, but for everyone there is something! A class or video, walking, swimming, yoga, weights, the important thing is to find the thing that you love to do and do it. Pour all you are into it, make time for it, not excuses.Make a friend or find a partner or coach and make it happen more days than not.

  “I don’t have an hour to give to working out?”

 I personally struggle with this statement, one hour is 4% of a day,  I give 32% of my day to my job, 8% to traffic, 44%to sleep, cooking, cleaning, kids, and other domestic duties….guess what that leaves 16% of my day to give me.

 I selfishly take some of that and run, this week I am adding in some videos that I have and used to really like, free weights that have been door stops for far too long, and reading.

 It’s difficult to make exercise a habit, it’s part of you; speaking for me it’s a crucial part of my day.

 My journey is far from over, I really want to be below 200 before the end of the month, I have been so close the last two months and I can’t seem to break through. The impending holiday season is my inspiration we have a work event to attend for the husband and I have an amazing dress in my closet I haven’t worn in over 5 years – I WILL WEAR THAT DRESS.

I love pinterest and a lot of the pictures I post in this blog I find there but this one (to the left), really hit home because for a long time what I saw in the mirror was this fat lady, with rolls, stretchmarks, full of imperfections…today when I look at me I see the progress, I know what I will be, I know that the desire to look like the sexy woman I feel like will push me to my goal, and I will not quit until I reach that goal.

 4% of my day that’s all it takes to inch toward that goal….I can make the time can you????

How to eat?

I have never really contemplated how I eat so much as what I eat. I understand the principles of proper nutrition, plenty of water, fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains and real fats. I regularly utilize measuring cups, spoons and before it broke a scale, I pay attention to portion size recommendations and try to shop smart. Our recent venture into clean eating has led me to appreciate the freshness and simplicity of food.


But never have I given much thought to How I eat…so today while I had little to do I was reading articles about eating and weight loss, and came across some tips that actually enhance the experience of a meal.


Eating as a family – at the table, engaging in conversation? People do this? We manage one night a week, between our work schedules and our commute often the adults are not hungry and the kids are, so we feed them and then we eat later. There are two reasons why this isn’t aiding in our success to be a healthier family; we miss out on the shared experience of mealtimes and we adults end up eating late and in front of the TV.


Tasting each bite – chewing slowly and savoring the product of cooking. I am guilty of this, when I do eat I feel like it’s a race, I eat quickly and often standing in the kitchen or parked in front of television. How does this defeat me? I don’t enjoy what I have made = I am not satisfied. Then I am tempted to eat more, when in reality I am not “hungry” I am not “satiated”.


Cooking with a loved one – exploring new recipes together. When we were first married we cooked all the time, now one of us is tending to the kids, cutting grass, folding laundry, out for a run, or just not in the mood. When we share we foster not only our nutritional needs, but our relationship.


Listening to bodily cues – realize the difference between satisfied and stuffed. I was not a forced member of the clean your plate club as a child, we had to eat a bite of everything and then when everyone was done we could be excused. For some reason as an adult I have this need to finish what I have served myself; being on Weight Watchers I have a point target for the day and often I have more than half of my points left for home eating. I feel like I have to finish what’s there – and then I am miserable. Why do I do this? I think in the coming weeks I will try to evenly spread out my points through the day unless I know we are  having a higher point dinner, then I won’t feel like I have to eat everything.


There are so many facets to a healthy lifestyle and each tip I learn is one step closer to my goal; to reaching a point where I don’t battle my demons with eating.


Adventures into Clean Eating

What is clean eating?



 You’ve heard it in the news and magazines but what is it really?

Essentially it’s eating foods that had a mother or came from nature, in it’s simplest, least processed form. 

It does involve some planning, however anyone who is actively trying to lose weight, be healthy, save money or all of the above already devotes some time daily toward meal-planning and shopping lists.

The guidelines are fairly simple after reading several popular blogs/websites this is what I have learned:

1) eat non processed foods (skip the boxed foods)

2) eat 6 small meals a day, this keeps our body from feeling hungry, lessening the urge to binge, and encouraging our metabolism to keep running

3) no soda or alcohol (ok I can give up the soda, but my occasional beer will have to stay – moderation in all things)

4) no skipping meals, especially breakfast – I am very guilty of this

5) avoid saturated and trans fats, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup

6) eat fresh fruits and vegetables

After making this list I thought about my shopping trip this past Saturday, I had not made the intentional commitment to trying this until it was discussed Sunday but my cart contained the following:

watermelon, cantaloupe, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, bananas, clementines, grapes, potatoes, kale, zucchini, squash, onions, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes,  chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grain bread, brown rice, Kashi cereal (kids love it too), oats

Then all the other stuff we needed…. so I pretty much already shop smart, its just a few other little changes that I will implement over time.

My thought here is multi-fold:

– my weight loss has been slow, steady but slow perhaps this little change will give me a boost

– my health and the health of my family, the freshness can be nothing but good for us all

– my budget will be what suffers, for anyone knows eating well is expensive – a garden next summer is a MUST

– we already are somewhat committed to this just by my participation in Weight Watchers, the points system allows you to eat anything but suggests healthier alternatives when possible

– I love learning something new and trying new things, so here is a great opportunity to do just that


So on this new adventure we go!



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