July Progress

January 2013

It’s been awhile since I did a progress report so here goes:

Bust   44″ now 40.5″   -3.5″
Rear 47″ now 42″         -5″
Waist  42″ now 35.75″    -6.25″
Arms  17″ now 14.75″       -2.25″
Thigh   29.5″ now 24.25″    -5.25″
Calves  20″ now 18.75″     -1.25″
BMI  37   now 31.5
Total Measurable Losss   23.5″ and 35#’s
Total miles for July: 87.5
Miles ran: 247 /700 for 2014
WEIGHT photoLOSS: While the progress has been incredibly slow at the beginning of July I was at 212#’s and I am now sitting at 201#, I will be breaking through into Onderland before the week ends. I gave it some thought and it’s been 6 years since my daily triple didn’t begin with a 2. I feel very confident that this time I am making weight loss for life a lifestyle, not just another temporary visit to a smaller size. I know this last month dropping 11 pounds is not typical, but it’s a good kick start to more steady loss over the coming months.
RUNNING:  Facebook had this challenge group to run 100 miles for the month, I joined mostly to be motivated on days where I wanted to rest. I pushed the last two weeks of the month, down to the last few days and woke up on Wednesday the 30th with 12 miles to go and two hamstring cramps. I knew right then and there I wasn’t going to make 100 miles. I let my body rest, 3 days before heading back out. I was exhausted. Yesterday I did my second 10 miler ever and improved my time by 9 minutes. It was tough but I feel in control of it and my preparation for two half marathons in the fall is right on schedule.
OTHER PEOPLE IN MY LIFE: The husband is has now lost a total of 74#’s. He looks like a totally new man. We have had to replace all of his shorts and  we have been able to switch to regular 2XL shirts, probably XLT if I could find them, he stands 6’5″  the tall is important. My sister and her son have taken up the C25K program and they both seem to be enjoying themselves. My sister-in-law told me last night that she wants to start running again and has a lofty goal of completing a Tough Mudder – I may be ready for that next year myself.
MENTAL HEALTH: I have put the counseling to the side, like my previous attempts at talking to a therapist all they confirm is the things I already know. I have come to the conclusion that the only answer is to tell myself to stop when I start over-thinking and over analyzing, distracting myself with something else seems to help.  I allow myself a few minutes a day to think about those topics that seem to be my constant worry and then put it to the side as best I can.
In the month of August I have 2 -5K events, one in Colorado on the 16th and the other here in KY on the 24th. I am hoping to set a PR for the event on the 24th. I will celebrate one more trip around the sun, thankful for each and everyday that I have been given, trying to get the most out of each of those days, loving life with my family, friends, and running shoes.

How many sticks????

This wasn’t the progress I was hoping to see this month. a minuscule .4#’s and 1/4″ isn’t very much, however it’s still progress toward the goal. I started to feel disappointed in myself, but I can’t. I stopped tracking, measuring, controlling food instead I let it control me, I didn’t say “no thank you” as often as I should…now I look to the left and see that massive pile of butter – 120 sticks  and realize that even though I didn’t drop as many pounds as I wanted to, I have still made progress. I didn’t gain any, I maintained, and that itself isn’t an easy feat. I also realize that if I was paying more attention to what I ate combined with the calories I am burning I would be seeing the loss I desire – note to self: it works if you work it.

 This month’s “during” photo features a skirt I have kept in my closet as a go to when nothing else fit. I wore it to work one day and had the realization that it was a little too big to keep wearing and then I put it where it should be worn, at the waist and this is what I saw! There’s enough room in there for a lot more of me! This was the last time I ever wore this garment, it now resides in the trash. I had to part with this favorite to remind me that is not the body I want any more  I don’t want it to fit, EVER AGAIN. Then I re-visited my wardrobe and sure enough there were a few other items that needed to go.

Motivation for the next 4 weigh in’s: I am so very close to being below 200#, I haven’t seen that since April of 2008, yup the month I got pregnant with Ailey I was in the 190’s and since then I have gotten close but never broke through – this is it. This month I will say goodbye to the 200’s FOREVER. 

MEASUREMENTS for August Progress:

Bust   44″ now 42.5″

Rear 47″ now 42″

Waist  42″ now 36″

Arms  17″ now 14.25″

Thigh   29.5″ now 24″

Calves  20″ now19.25″

BMI  37   now 32.1

Pants  14/16 now 12/14

Shirt  XL now L

Total measurable loss   21.5″ and 30.4#

Miles ran: 75.23



24 Trips to the Scale


Bust   44″ now 42.75″

Rear 47″ now 42″

Waist  42″ now 36″

Arms  17″ now 14.25″

Thigh   29.5″ now 24″

                                                        Calves  20″ now19.50″

BMI  37   now 32.8

Pants  14/16 now 12/14

Shirt  XL now L

Total measurable loss

 21″ and 30#

Miles ran: 79.44

Another four trips to the scale, another month where the loss was more in inches than pounds. I have finally broken through into the 200’s and , my goal is to make it below 200 before the month is out.

 RUNNING…has become quite the obsession for me. I lace up 6 days a week and rarely run less than 3 miles. I have created several routes at home that I enjoy and am slowly increasing my distances in preparation for the 10K in September – this past Saturday I did my first 6 miler in 1:15 I was pretty pleased with that time, and last night I had my best 3 to date with a pace of 11:57/mile.

 The best moment had to be last week when the girls asked to run with me. When I got back from my 4 miles, they both put their shoes on and we ran to the stop sign, its a good little distance for a 3 and 4 year old and they were amazing – they ran the whole thing. They and Scott are so supportive, without them my progress would not be possible.

 The Battle with Food…I tried this past month to be a more faithful tracker.

 I have found that I eat well during the day – clean, fruits, veggies, bread, lean protein and nuts, when I get home and run my appetite is for protein, I am no longer living to eat, I am eating to live. This is a monumental task.  For when I eat to nourish my body and choose the right things, I am satisfied longer.

I can’t say we haven’t splurged, but I have kept it smart, allowed myself to enjoy pizza at a party, ice cream with my kids, a few chips now and then but I have come a long way.

 This membership to Weight Watchers has come at a point in my life where I really feel like I can live it, it’s not a weekly struggle to lose, it’s about accepting my reality. Knowing that loss every week isn’t realistic, and when I have a gain, I am not crushed  because I know it means I have to think more the next week.






16 trips to the scale later

Sixteen trips to the scale later and here is the progress….

Bust  was 44″ now 43″

Rear was 47″ now 44.5″

Waist was 42″ now 37″

Arms were 17″ now 15″

Thigh was 29.5″ now 25.75″

Calves 20″ – no change

Pants were 14/16 now 12/14

Shirt was XL now L

Total measurable loss 14.5″ and 25#



What other changes have I been able to implement or maintain…

Binge eating is minimal. I can’t say I don’t do it, but it’s far less often and I am able to stop it easier.

Scale obsession, I still get on the scale but I am better at not letting what I see ruin my day, but allow it to motivate me.

Triumph over the vending machine – I realized I am not allowed to have money at work, it calls my name. Bonus, I have more money for things at home.

Lunch out once a week, Scott and I work close by one another now, so I save points so he and I get at least one meal alone each week, it’s a double treat since I don’t have to prepare anything and he and I get some time to talk.

Running – I have to admit I love it! I run 3-4 days a week at work on my lunch break. I feel so energized when I get back to my desk and it curbs my want for “crap”. I come back ready for the rest of the day and know that I have the entire evening for family, that my exercise doesn’t have to be a compromise of the time I want to spend with them or a decision of one over the other.

Real life…this by far has been the biggest change I have been able to accept. I have gone to weigh in’s knowing I was going to gain, but also accepting that not every week is going to be a loss,  and it’s ok, it doesn’t define me unless I allow it to defeat me.

Upcoming goals…

Edgewood 5K on the Fourth of July

Warrior Dash Versailles, KY August 10th

Tough Mudder  Maysville, KY October 19th  (131 days away)

39# more loss by the Mudder – which will put me at my personal goal weight

Get Your Measure On

Day 15… weight loss is not only about attitude, dedication, exercise and want. If there is anything I have learned in my lifetime battle with my weight it’s this: 8 – 8oz glasses of water and a set of these used properly is key.


These are measuring cups/spoons, we have more than one set the kids love them and I use them non-stop:


…and thanks to governmental regulations every food item that is sold today has a serving suggestion on it (and no the package of Oreo’s does not say 3); this serving suggestion is most commonly given in ounces or cups. A weight loss program is greatly enhanced by the purchase of a set of these tools, and are sometimes more useful than a dumbbells and exercise DVD’sNow what to eat? Low carb, no carb, Caveman, vegetarian, organic, processed low fat meals it’s really up to the individual – which plan fits into your day the easiest, if food prep is easy then one is more likely to stick to it. I have tried all of them and had success with all of them – and that success I attribute to the little friends pictured above, combined with one bit of advice from my now retired WW leader LeAnn, “Every food group is a group for a reason, there is something that your body needs from it. A food lifestyle where a food is eliminated, unless it’s an allergy concern, is not allowing your body all it needs to thrive.”  So yes have fat and sweets, enjoy dairy, lots of brightly coloured fruits/veggies and proteins, but use my friends up there – see them they are begging to be pulled out of the drawer and utilized.

As I sit here and type this I am thinking about the meal I just consumed, pasta and leftover sauce I made over the weekend. I used the cups, I could have eaten more but I reminded myself as I went for a second helping “Am I hungry?” I stepped away from the table, drank the last of my glasses of water for the day and surprise I wasn’t hungry I was just sitting there.


So I will call food a success today.


Get your measure on…


16 down 350 to go

2 pounds down 50 to go

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