Inching On


Bust   44″ now 41″   April 41″ = stayed the same

Rear 47″ now 41.75″  April 43.75″ =  increase by 2″

Waist  42″ now 35.75″ April 37″ = increase by 1.25″

Arms  17″ now 14.25″ April 14.75″ = increase by .5″

Thigh   29.5″ now 24″ April 24″ = stayed the same

Calves  20″ now 18.75″ April 19″ = increase .25″

 BMI  37   now 31.9 April 32.7 = .8 increase

Pants  14/16 now 12/14 = stayed the same but tighter fit

Shirt  XL now L = stayed the same but tighter fit

Total measurable loss   26.5″ and 32.4#  April 22.5″ and 27# 

Miles ran: 36 /700 for 2014photo


I have given a lot of my mental energy to thinking about my foot and the if/when it’s ever going to feel better. The reality is that it will just take time, there is nothing more I can really do to aid in its recovery.

I have tried to blame a love-loss with Weight Watchers, no space in the house to work out, blah, blah, blah….I am the only person to blame for where I am at now.

Yesterday morning I took pictures and measurements again. I can see where my dedication last summer slimmed my waist. I can feel it too, I feel so soft. My back was aching yesterday and I was having a little at home yoga session and I could I feel the “chunkiness” in my breath.  After that I realized my success really does lay in my hands. So I lovingly packed my lunch for work. Cut up the fruits that I picked for this week at the store, and had a little talk with myself about my goals and where I want to be; reminding myself that little changes, over time make the most impact, that the 4% of a day I know I need to feel good about myself is manageable….and at 4:30 this morning I pulled myself out of bed and stepped out the front door and logged a run. I was very happy with my pace at 12:12/mile, even better I was able to lay back down for a few minutes before I had to get dressed.

I have a sensible meal packed and dinner planned.

Nana used to say “Yard by yard, life is hard; Inch by Inch, life is a sinch.” I’m sure someone famous is responsible for that quote, but she is the one I heard it from.

So inch on I tell me, inch on.




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