This week I had a moment where my loss in inches and body re-shape was confirmed when I had to put on pantyhose. Now you’re reading this thinking, “What in the hell do pantyhose have to do with anything?” Any person who has ever taken on the task of putting on a pair of them knows the thought process behind it.

  • first how uncomfortable they can be, especially if you purchased the wrong ones or you selected based on the package recommendation to know that their suggestion is rarely correct; then you put the first pair on and run them, I always buy at least 2 pair because I know this is what will happen to me.
  •  Once said pantyhose are up there is the “Maybe I should skip the panties…” thought, because who needs an extra line.
  • repeat process
  • Admire shape in mirror and instantly feel the top roll down – immediately self-criticize  “geesh I’m a fat ass” while inspecting package suggestion  – my clothes are a 14 but my hose are a Q2 – that makes me feel awesome
  • decide maybe hose aren’t needed and take them off, put on pants and be done with it

My mother raised me with the notion of a skirt or dress shorter than ankle length should have hose under it, it’s professional and appropriate for many situations. I had such an event this week and I went through this process, at work none the less so the option to change into pants was not available.

However, I had a most unusual and unexpected experience. I slid the hose up and into place and when I pulled my dress down, there wasn’t a line, they didn’t roll down. I finally fit into them, they way I think they are supposed to be worn. My dress slid right over them and I couldn’t “see” where they were.

No self criticism for me today, a little pat on the back and off to my event I went…where did I go keep reading and I will post it soon.

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