Falling off and getting back on

a phrase we commonly use when we talk to our children about success and failure when attempting something new and scary. Something I tell myself time and time again.

My goal for the holiday season was very realistic, don’t gain anything.  

I learned when I was in Weight Watchers a few years ago about budgeting points/calories for holiday celebrations, to portion out a plate to include all the food groups, to make a plan and stick to it, and like many moments in life that somehow taints the joy of coming together. When I lived by the Points holiday or celebratory events which center around an indulgent meal meant, don’t eat all day, sometimes the day before as well, work out twice a day for the week before and then be such a crabby, awful bitch that no one wants to sit beside you because they can see you fighting with yourself over having butter on a roll or not, or maybe just one bite of that roll, how many points is it, and all they want to say to you is, “Shut the hell up and eat the freaking roll, slather on the butter it’s _____________________(insert holiday or event).

Weight loss taken too seriously can be just as detrimental as not taking it serious enough.

Yes I had dinner, dessert, bites of all the things I like most; dad’s spaghetti, mom in laws green beans, pumpkin and apple pie, but I reminded myself to have bites, small slices, a few forks full vs. a mound. I only took leftovers of turkey and spaghetti, and face it if you’ve had it or made it no one makes it like dad and it’s only once maybe twice a year, I took one container and I ate all of it for breakfast the day after (it was roughly two cups.)

I was not faithful to my elliptical,  in all truthfulness I worked 75-80 hours a week since Thanksgiving and most nights I wasn’t going to be until 11 or later, I had to sleep to stay energized for the day ahead. But with work weeks returning to normal now, and Scott’s work schedule back to his normal, the girls being back in school, I can once again give this quest the attention it deserves.

My plan is to attempt a 5K in May and the Warrior Dash in June. My goal for both is just to finish, to prove to myself that I can in fact do it.

I will weigh in on Monday and resume my weekly self checks.

So, this year in light of these reflections, this success of not gaining during the holidays and a stint of stress at work, I invoked my newly crowned word of 2013, balance. Eating and celebrations, for someone trying to slim down and live a healthy life, needs balance.

So hello 2013, I embrace you with conviction and dedication to making myself as healthy as I can, within the confines of the life of a working mother, wife, daughter, and friend.



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