My Body

…is the only thing that I own that is paid for. It is the body of a woman who has played sports, been injured, been stretched out more than a Stretch Armstrong (that probably dates me), I’ve undergone surgeries, fertility treatments, given birth twice in three years, gained and lost weight so many times that I have lost count but I know the failure I feel far outweighs the successes. But I own it, how I look and how I feel is dependent on one, and only one thing – ME. The choices I make each day shape, literally this body. If I put garbage in, I feel it, most of the time I enjoy too much the delicious satisfaction of garbage, greasy, gooey, sweet, salty bites of calorically ridiculous bites. I use it as celebration or as consolation, frustration release, mood control and I know that the next day I am going to hate what I see a little bit more than I did the day before…and that’s my purpose here to eliminate that part, or at least be able to control indulgences, to teach myself that it’s ok now and then to have some “garbage” but if I want to feel better, look better, love myself more I have to nourish my body properly; it’s a mindset – hard work works, but it’s hard and called work for a reason if it was easy the media wouldn’t be consumed by it around the clock, there wouldn’t ‘t be rows dedicated to it at the grocery store.


Day 7 was not a success – I was tired and lazy, I did some yard work, I cut the grass I worked on the deck again, but I also ate brownies, note plural not one, not two I don’t even know how many but more than I should have.


So Day 8 – it’s behind me. Beginning of week 2 – I didn’t get on the scale so I can’t say if I made my goal of 1 pound this week or not, I think probably not. So next Monday I WILL get on the scale and it WILL read 225.4 I WILL have lost the two pounds I wanted to by then.


7 down 358 to go

52 weeks and 52 pounds

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on Saturday – who is this person I see? Certainly it isn’t me. Step on the scale 230# ???? How did I get here, again? My jeans a size 16 again, my shirts XL again …. it has to stop.

I gave myself Sunday.

The buck stops here – I want to look the way I feel, attractive and sexy. What I see in my reflection is neither of these.

So I dug out The FIRM set I got umm three maybe four years ago. I started day one tonight. I am impressed that I didn’t pass out, I competed most of the movements with the lead instructor not the beginner one. Tomorrow is an off day for the program but something light is suggested so I will stroller with the girls or do the elliptical when they go to bed – probably the latter since I need to work on the deck some more and it’s difficult to do that in the dark.

MONDAY 9-10-12 :Day 1 week 1 – weight 227.4

SUNDAY   9-13-13:  Day 7 of week 52 is 175.4


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