68 Days & New Shoes

Tonight was the first “unofficial” weigh in  for the Biggest Loser challenge at work. There will be an award when they determine the highest percentage loser ($50.00 gift card) and second place ($25.00 gift card), regardless of who the winner of that is I am very pleased with week one. I didn’t realize that there would be a weigh in so in full attire (YIKES!) after a substantial dinner and breakfast I lost 4.8#.

The class tonight was a Nutrition Class, I was very excited for this, I had hoped to walk away with some ideas or resources for something new…what I walked away with was sadness for what the class could have been instead of what it was.

We all got an email late yesterday with a little analysis of food choices, and I am very proud to say because of my lifestyle commitment to weight watchers I scored a 58 of 59 – meaning I make healthy choices more often than not, I lost a point because I use real butter, sorry somethings I will not compromise on so I use it sparingly.

I was very disappointed in the representative that they had come and speak, she was very negative and tried to be clinical with statistics and food facts from the get go, I understand that she works for an insurance company and is a huge knowledge base for what to and not to eat, she proclaimed that she struggled with weight loss and had kept 45# off for several years – kudos. However, in a group where habits are still reforming, encouragement and a positive energy would have gone a lot further. She was surprised by my score on the “rate the plate” activity, I wanted to say “I know I’m fat, obese in fact but I have come a long way and I know what to eat, and most of the time I do eat correctly.” She told people they couldn’t eat bacon, that canned fruits were off limits, that artificial sweetener was terrible but then she’d rather someone have a Diet Pepsi than a regular Pepsi (last time I checked Diet Soda contained artificial sweetener). She was armed with old photos from fast food places, and said how bad Subway was and then admitted to eating there…I felt the night was laden with contradiction.  It was burning in me to stand up and tell her a thing or two but I just shook my head and bit my tongue ….yes you can have bacon occasionally (center cut or Canadian), ice cream is not the devil you just can’t have the whole pint, canned fruit in light syrup or water is still miles ahead of chips and candy, and no you don’t have to reach your target heart rate when you exercise (unless your body is used to it) if you haven’t been moving at all that is enough – it’s baby steps in the right direction! It’s this kind of little changes she should have been preaching, not “Bacon is bad! Ranch is bad!” (I do personally think Ranch is bad, but I have always thought that.)

Lesson to be learned: All things in moderation and IT IS HARD. You and I we are not perfect, and what fun is life if we can’t allow ourselves to indulge sensibly on occasion. That’s what this program is designed to convey, at least from this participant’s perspective.

I did walk out with two primo seats to an upcoming Reds game as being the ticket pulled from a raffle and I logged 100,487 steps in the 7 1/2 days between weigh in’s.


Look at these beauties! I never realized what a pair of shoes could provide until I slipped these on Friday night at 10 pm as I went for a run. My legs feel better, my knees ache less, my feet feel softer on the side walk.  They are nothing fancy or super costly, I got them at Kohl’s but they are miles ahead of what I was wearing. When I reach my goal weight/win this challenge at work I plan on investing in a trip to Bob Ronker’s Running Shop to be fitted properly, until then these are my new best friends.

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