Running is better than therapy


oday’s Lunchtime run

I have never considered myself a runner, I have always hated it, anyone who played ball with me knows my theory, “hit the ball long and hard so you don’t have to run fast or slide”.  But when my elliptical broke, I joined a gym and that solved the what do I do to work out quandary; I loved it went 6 days a week and was logging some miles on the treadmill and elliptical really enjoying the “me time”, then I lost my job (something for which I am very thankful now for happening) and could no longer afford the membership.

I stopped everything for two weeks.

NEVER would I have thought that within 7 weeks of that first run outside would I be someone who would run, at lunch break, miles – more than one!  My body doesn’t protest as much as it used to, I’m still running intervals but I’m up to 5 minutes with only 1 minute of walking in between. I am listening to myself breathe, my feet hit the pavement, the sun or rain as the case is some days beating down on me, and I let everything go…my tension, my usually uncontrollable thoughts, my anger or frustration, for that hour I give into my body and just go.

I am not ever going to be the fastest, but I won’t be the slowest, I will more than likely never be the first to finish, but I won’t be the last. This week I have my first event – The Warrior Dash  in Ohio – this event raises money for St. Jude, a charity my parents have donated to for years. I am joining some experienced Dash runners and am very excited to see them and share the event.


This is another anchor I have for myself – every Monday I put up a note stating my goal for the week, how much loss I would like to see and anything else. The seven push-pins are for each 10# I want to lose, the clips are a pound each. I put my key chain on pound #23 and the weight is my 25# loss token.


This week my goal is to run at least 15 miles, and to break through a zero – inching my way to being less than 200# in over 5 years. I was just about this time 2008 I crept over 200 while expecting my little Miss #1.


 25#’s less of me – that is 100 sticks of butter

Here’s some updated photos of me. I am starting to see the loss, especially in my face, it would be really nice to be able to choose where the weight loss happens, but I know eventually it will even out.

25# down

50# to go

Goal date: Sept 22,2013

When a pound doesn’t seem like an accomplishment

I set out two weeks ago on a year long venture to lose weight in a healthy time frame, one pound a week. When I did WW back in 2003 I dropped 83 in 8 months, now there were extenuating circumstances, I didn’t have children so I could commit to an hour sometimes two a day to working out, I didn’t have to consider what I made for dinner and would they like it, I had the time to spend nightly carefully planning out the next day’s meals and prepping.  Today this is not an excuse, it’s just where I am at in life, playing with them on a warm afternoon is more valuable to me than 30 minutes on the elliptical – I try to include them in this. We pick fruit out at the store, I choose snacky things for them that aren’t terrible (yes we have cookies occasionally but I love it that Ailey will ask me for a nectarine over sweets anytime). Today I snuck on the scale, I am close to my two pound goal in two weeks and then I think back to my WW days and I would have been mad with only two pounds. So I thought I’d put here this photo – how much is a pound really?




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