Honor Half Marathon Y’all 11/15/2014

It’s been a long 5 weeks in my world.


I changed jobs, and had a huge emotional shift regarding that upheaval. Great news is that I love, love, love my new job.

I have kept up with running and yoga classes and on Saturday morning I started the day with my traditional breakfast of chocolate milk and zingers (I know super healthy right?) Sitting in the car freezing, I only turned the heat up enough to defrost, not wanting to warm myself too much. Yahoo weather was kind enough to tell me that it was 16 degrees – I don’t care where you live that’s freaking cold. I told my parents and husband to stay home, had I not paid for this I would have still be at home in bed. However anyone who knows me knows that the word “quit” does not exist in my vocabulary.

The beginning of the event was under the water tower at the Florence Mall, the sun just barely making its presence known. The principal of Cooper High School sang the National Anthem and the mayor of Florence shared a few words of thanks and encouragement. All 1,100 participants lined up, “Survivor” from the Rocky movie was their choice for a starting song, ironically it was the same song I had selected, after that it was up to the ipod shuffle gods. Mile one looped around the mall, it was strange to run so many miles in an area that I have called home all my life. The third song “Here Comes The Sun” once again started just as the sun came up 7:21 I was .75 miles in, ironic? Kismet? It was from that point on that I knew I was going to run a good event. The course was much harder than the Queen Bee, that event the hills were out-of-the-way in the first 4 miles, this event the hills were constants.  It was a steady challenge and this time I made it 8 miles before I took a little walk break, I didn’t drop my first 13+ mile until mile 10 and the second one was mile 11 but I really had to make a pit stop. Mile 12 was tough and mostly uphill before a slight slope down and circling back to where we started. I finished less than one minute slower than previously, all things considered I was really pleased.

At the finish line I wrapped up and walked to get a drink, water wasn’t appealing on the course so my intake was very little, however I was parched once I stopped. Pulling my phone from my pocket I had wishes of luck from my parents, my sister, my husband and children, I smiled and then read the text from my mom that she along with my niece and nephew were at the finish! Finding them made the day complete. Hugs and support, nothing better when one has met a goal.

What’s up next?

Well I am not a cold weather fan, I have the Thanksgiving Day 10K next week and that’s it for formal events, my wallet and shoes are worn out. I have an appointment to have my right foot finally taken care of and after 4-6 weeks of recovery I will begin training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May, and maybe just maybe we will talk Columbus full for my 39th birthday instead of my 40th. I will continue to run up until surgery day and as soon as I am medically cleared I will slowly get back up to speed, in the mean time I am absolutely in love with hot yoga and there is a new cycling bar in town that I am eager to give a try.

On the agenda for 2015:

May: Flying Pig Half Marathon, Cincinnati Reds 10K, Run & Slug 8 miler

July: Fourth of July 5K

August: Friendship City 5K (I am going to win my age division)

September: Hudy 14K

October: Columbus Marathon or Queen Bee Half Marathon

November: Honor Half Marathon and Thanksgiving Day 10K




Rocky Mountain High

Last week I went to Colorado. It was an amazing trip! Upon landing I was awestruck by the landscape, it was raining but the mountains were breathtaking. My sister picked my up from the airport and as we talked and headed to her home, we witnessed not one but two double rainbows!

photoFriday morning we took a hike up Mt. Cuttler,  I’ve never been hiking before and everyone warned me about the altitude; the one mile trek up was challenging but I really enjoyed it. When we caphoto 1me to the summit all I could think of was a yoga class being held there, so why not have a few poses! The trail run down was also an entirely new experience, but was something I want to look into back home.


Saturday morning we decided to attend a local yoga studio where I took my first hot fusion class. An hour-long sweat fest. I impressed myself by being able to keep up with the fast paced instructor and proudly landed my first crow.  At class end I was saturated to say the least and eager to attend a similar class again!

In thephoto (1) evening we ran the Color Fest 5K. We were all sorts of color crazy! This was a more family focused event, so it was a struggle to actually run, and the course was short, all-in-all it was a fun time!


The last day of my mommy get-a-way I took a 4 mile run solo. I just took off and went until Garmin told me 2 miles had passed. I was able to take in parts of Colorado Springs, see the people on the streets in the early morning, breath in the dry air. It felt good to get out and go.

It was the first time in forever I can remember not toeing a scale for 3 days in a row, and I wasn’t upset with a 3# gain – I did indulge in some seriously amazing food.

Now that I am back home I am focused ahead to the events that I have signed up for:

8/24:Friendship City 5K (10th annual)     2013: 36:31

10/11: Queen Bee Half Marathon (1st ever)

11/15: Honor Half Marathon (1st ever)

11/27: Thanksgiving Day 10K (105th annual) 2013:1:13:37

After that I will focus on maintenance through the winter, cross training, yoga, and healthy eating habits.





104th Thanksgiving Day Race

 Starting out at a brisk 28 degrees with my sidekick Kristina, amidst 15K+ other individuals who were crazy enough to be out on Thanksgiving morning, there was an overwhelming vibe for the event to begin, the longer I stood the tighter my body was feeling and the more likely I would have to use the bathroom, finally at 9:10 my feet tapped the start line and we headed uphill into Cincinnati.

I had set a goal for myself of 70 minutes or less (I did the Komen in September in 1:10:34). My foot was feeling ok, my music was not cooperating, so I had to lean on the pace of the crowd.

By mile 2 I hit my stride, 22 minutes. I less than 12 mins a miles I was pleased. Entertained by the festive holiday outfits, tutu’s (if someone could explain this one to me I would be grateful, they look cute on my kids but on adult women, ummm not so sure) and the runners dedicated to wearing shorts, that had to burn, I know cold when I see it.


Lining the streets were supporters for many different groups, the MS Society and Goodwill are the two that stood out in my mind. However, the most touching group I followed were a bunch dressed in red, and the lead runners carrying large American Flags. I teared up, their patriotism was inspiring, I imagine the flag wasn’t a light item, and I saw them pass it among themselves every so often, they were running for Veterans, of which I am proud to know several and cannot think of a more fitting tribute on such a day as this.

I have learned the value of the brief power walk on long runs, especially uphill, it allows me to rest a bit, but also allows me to be able to push on the flats and the last two miles. Running through Cincinnati, down into Newport, into Covington and back into the city, I reminisced about the only other time I did this event, I walked it with my mother and my dog Amy – we had no idea how long 10K was and by the time we saw the 6 mile marker we were beat -9 years later I am running it, amazed at how far I have really progressed.

One highlight for me was heading into the last mile, an older man beside me, walking with me looked over and saw my Mudder headband (great for keeping my ears warm) and said “Mudders don’t walk.” I laughed, we talked a little about completing one, by this point I had shed both long-sleeved tops and was sleeveless, sweating, and tiring…but he was right, I didn’t need to walk then, I was being lazy. I pushed that last three-quarters of a mile and crossed at 1:13:37 officially. Ok I missed my goal, not by much, I give myself those few minutes, it was the first distance greater than 3 miles I had run in over a month.


My pace 11:53

I have to give huge props to Kristina, she finished well ahead of her personal goal as well – she’s pretty bad ass

So my official first running season has come to a close…20 weeks until the Pig.



A Slice of Turkey and A Piece of the Pig

A week from today is Thanksgiving  will begin with a 10K, the 104th annual Thanksgiving day race, this year’s oldest participant registered to date is 85! This will be my second organized 10K event and my personal goal is to beat my personal best time of 70 minutes. I have been working back up to the distance after two cortisone shots and some therapy my foot is feeling significantly better. I will be joined at this event by my friend Kristina – she and I are quite excited and ready – we both are silently hoping for weather like that of last Thanksgiving, mild and dry.


This will be my last “official” run for 2013, I am amazed at the progress I have made in a little over 9 months but this is not the end, really it’s just the beginning because December 1st I begin training for:

This is really how all my journey from totally sedentary to very active began.

 A friend I went to high school with has a young son who at a very early age has had a liver transplant, I saw her post again and again about his progress and recovery, trips for test and endless medications. Throughout all of this her posts were always positive – a real inspiration of hope. Then she posted that there was a team that ran for her son, and Children’s Organ Transplant Association will get 10% donated for all members of the team.  I saw this post at almost 240#, hadn’t run a step in YEARS, had never run more than 360′ (do the math it’s the distance around four bases) let alone miles. But I promised myself that I would run at least the half…and I will meet my personal goal and run the full by 2016 (maybe sooner) before I turn 40.

Call it a ripple effect but it has changed me, my life, my health and for that I am truly thankful. So next Thursday I will enjoy my slice of turkey, and take the next step toward a piece of the Pig.

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