Biggest Loser – Halfway through

Well The Biggest Loser at work has reached week 6 – I finally had a decent loss for there and have reached 10# loss according to their records.


At the outset I had a goal of 3# a week which I knew was crazy, but I am not unhappy with 10# in 6 weeks. What I am more pleased with is the inches I have been able to trim – I have two more weeks and then I will remeasure.


The leader as of last week has had amazing success, and I know that I am out of the running for anything but getting back my entry fee (possibly as I may be switching jobs if the odds are in my favor). I am still focused on reaching my personal goal weight and breaking through that zero over the weekend really felt like things are back on track.


I am hoping this weekend to hit my 30# milestone ….


61 days to go

Week 3 of the Biggest Loser at work, I lost 3 more pounds total is 7.6, I am pleased with that number, in three weeks that is a decent amount and I am back to my 25# loss total that I got away from – next hurdle is to be below 210 – which I will hit on Sunday. (note the word will – meaning it is a certainty). The class last night was just what I needed, it was a strength routine that I can implement at home we only used a pair of dumbbells and the activity band both items which I have and will be a part of my regime beginning tomorrow – I didn’t participate in the leg portion of the work-out as much as I normally would have but I was afraid the newness of it would ruin me for the 5K today, but I did all the upper body and a limited amount of the lower body. The instructor was motivating and realistic, she encouraged everyone to work at a pace that was comfortable for themselves and offered alternative motions for people who had knee and back problems.

I witnessed the weigh-ins from the sidelines and I saw a lot of smiles and some frowns – scales are so scary to some, I am so accustomed to them. I allow the number to show me how I have succeeded or view it as motivation to work a bit harder the next week.

I fell just short of the top ten people, with a total loss so far of 3.46% – my hope is that steady loss over the duration will lead me to at least the top 3, I accept now that the reality of being the winner it very unlikely as quite a few of the participants just have more to lose than I do, but I am not giving up, I have a plan and am going to mix things up a bit this next week and see if it makes an impact or not.



75 Days

There comes a bit of empowerment when there is great reward to be gained, and I am not speaking of the rewards offered throughout and at the conclusion of this event at work. The health benefits, the emotional boost, the motivation that will carry me to reach my personal goals.


Over the next 75 days I will:

track every morsel that I consume.

log activity everyday.

walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day.

lose weight.

feel better.

live the life I preach more faithfully.

run my first 5K.

complete a second Warrior Dash.

be more prepared for the Mudder.


At the beginning of the first session we weighed in and were give pedometers if needed. Then groups of people just formed together, in my group was one person who works in my same department that was comforting to know someone. The representatives from the YMCA had stations set up and it reminded me of the days of Karate Team Training – some free weights, jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, wall sits, more lunges, a little running, shuffle steps, push-ups and suicides…


Assessing the group as far as where I “fit” in physically, I am not the youngest or oldest, nor the lightest or heaviest, I am not the most in shape and most definitely not the least in shape. I sweat, I pushed myself, I made my time count. This will be a true test of how bad I want to accomplish something, and I have set myself up for nothing less than success, and this success depends on my dedication, self-discipline, and a whole lotta sweat!




The Biggest Loser Challenge

This is right up my alley! It starts this coming Wednesday a

nd I just got an email that they are adding a second set of classes on Monday’s as well – so 22 classes in all! They are also adding Weight Watchers memberships (wahoo I have a head start).


I am eager for the competition, I cannot lie. I have been stuck losing and gaining the same 5# over the past few weeks. I needed this bad!!!




In addition to these prizes if a participant loses 10% of his/her body weight, walks 5,000 steps a day (they will provide a pedometer) and attend 75% of the classes they will refund the fee paid for joining the challenge?!! Come on…what’s not to want to do!


The grand prize was announced today $1,000.00, 2nd place $500.00 and 3rd place TBD.


My personal goals are:

7,500 steps a day

attend the original set of classes listed above (and as many of the Monday sessions as the family can let me)

30# that’s more than 10% but I think it’s what it will take to be the Biggest Winner.

TO WIN!!!!


In addition to this we at home are adopting the VB6 plan – vegan before dinner. Making vegetables, fruits, whole grains the bulk of our day and then a healthy portion of lean meats/poultry/fish for dinner.  I have read into this plan and it seems to be successful for men and I am hoping that this helps my man at home jump start him onto my personal health and wellness initiative.


So weigh in for me will now be WW on Sunday’s and TBL on Wednesday’s with a goal of 3# a week for the next 12 weeks.


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