Two and a half hours in the chair at the dentist today means not having to think about what I will eat today…it’s been an interesting week fitness wise, I have not met with my FIRM trainer but I have strollered with the girls, weather acceptable nights for them are quickly fading so I am taking advantage of them. We are loving watching the changes that seem to be noticeably different each day, be it trees losing leaves or folks adding fall themed decorations and even a few Halloween enthusiasts who have some “scary” things parked in their yards (and no it’s not their mother-in-law or a copy of their most recent water bill). I was also granted the rare treat of having Scott home an extra night this week so it was really nice to have him here with us.


This feels very positive, I have had less moments of emotional urges to feed myself to feel better and since we are broke the temptation to spend is almost impossible. Weigh in is just 3 days away, I demand myself to have lost 2 pounds since the day I started this so Monday will be the proof to myself that I can do it.


12 days down 353 to go


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