Running, Body Beast & Yoga

New years bring zillions of resolutions, which I don’t believe in because statistics tell us no one keeps them; I set goals. When I set a goal it drives me to meet the goal, I love accountability. My big 2015 goals are to drop this last 25# and run the Columbus Marathon in October (foreshadowing of what I will be talking about most of the year). We have really tried to make an effort to adhere to our clean eating initiative and I think we are roughly 85% successful in that. Evidence? There is zero crap food in our house. Nowwww it’s no secret that I will run anywhere and usually in any condition, except freezing cold, this week I have been blessed with two warm sunny days, warm being a relative term since 35 isnt really warm but the sun makes all the difference. Donning my brand new Omni’s

2015/01/img_5103-0.jpg aren’t they pretty? Three mile runs twice this week invigorated me and reignited my love for footfall on pavement and I am itching to sign up for the Heart Mini in March but my funds for entry fees are limited to two events only this year, The Pig Half and the afore mentioned full in October, at least one more pair of shoes and pants, unless I find a generous sponsor which is unlikely. Cross training is important to running because strength and flexibility aid in endurance, how on a limited budget can I do that? Body Beast was a Christmas gift to us and we are in week one and loving every minute of it. I have to admit I didn’t think Scott would make it through the first workout, we shall see how abs and cardio are on him. I have had zero soreness, thank you yoga after the workout and knowing what poses stretch out those muscles who worked hard for 40-60 minutes. Here we are (a cold for Scott set us back a week). I will post 30, 60 and 90 day progress shots! Super excited to see how we approach spring with bodies that are actually ready for bathing soups! (Piperism)



2015: Goals

The end of 2014 was a success, I survived another holiday, and this year I did not gain but lost 3# back to my lowest of the year, best present ever. My mileage topped out at 405 miles, less than my goal but I grew so much this past 12 months I am satisfied with it. The month of December was lacking as a horrid cold and a cough that wouldn’t stop prevented me from running more days than not, as January has now arrived I am still battling the cough, the temps have dropped so impatiently I wait knowing that everyday I don’t run I lose stamina and strength. So how do I combat some of that? Yoga and Body Beast it
arrived today and I cannot wait to get started!

My plan is to document my transformation over the 90 days via pictures and posts. The bestest (yes I said bestest) part is the husband has agreed to do it with me and fingers crossed he will let me do pictures of him as well!

2015 Goals:
1) Complete the Body Beast 90 day plan (no supplements)
2) Run 600 miles
3) Run the Flying Pig half, finally – a goal set 2 years ago
4) Run the Columbus Marathon
5) Encourage my husband to do a 5k with me
6) Meet my goal weight – 175#
7) Emotionally – keep myself in check
8) Plan and eat a 90% clean diet
9) Wear short for the first time in 6 years outside of the house
10) Keep in mind that life is about progress not perfection.

Just Breathe

On Wednesday nights at 7:45 I leave my house and I take my mommy time.  I take a slow flow yoga class (I also take one on Sunday mornings), I really love both instructors, each has her own unique teaching method, which I appreciate.  The evening class comes at a good point for me in the week, it’s a running rest day on my current plan, the kids will be asleep when I get home, after a hot shower it’s usually the best night of sleep I get.  Last night I unrolled my mat in the corner where no one would be to my right. I sat and massaged my feet and thought about the events of the week…the stress load has lightened slightly. The instructor welcomed the class and I set my intention for my practice, the same one I set every week, I somehow hope the person that is in my thoughts feels my love.  The music selection usually involves something very beachy, soft and light, as we moved from pose to pose, one song faded out and the next starts in, last night as the music transitioned I heard a mellow guitar melody I knew in those first notes of the song that I was going to cry, Just Breathe ~  Pearl Jam.  The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it, when my grandmother passed in 2012 I was blessed to be the person who created her video memory. This was the song I chose.

Downward facing dog, to plank, lower slowly, breathe, tears streaming down my face, trying not to audibly sob, pull through upward facing dog, eyes closed, breathe, roll over my toes and back to downward dog. Tears drop onto my mat, so warm, feeling the heat rise from within me, up my chest and to my face, struggling to breathe, I tried to fight the tears but I lost. Dripping onto my shirt, mascara leaving the tell tale sign of crying on my flush cheeks. Mountain pose, strong and stable, inside weak and so sad.  Balance on the left foot, King Dancer , reaching, stretching, crying….finally making it to supported shoulder stand , gently back down, breathe, corpse….5, 10 , 15 minutes I have no idea. I lay there tears just flowed down my face, my neck, beneath me. Everything hurt, my back and legs, my head and heart.

I got in my car and headed home, I watched my littles sleep, kissed Scott on the forehead as he slept in the chair and went to bed myself. I was rather exhausted.

I set out with intentions to have a relaxing yoga class, to have a little time away from the stress of day to day life, to ease the ache that lingers in my body from all that I put it through, and what I did was emotionally empty myself.

Just Breathe

Yes, I understand that every life must end, uh-huh

As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, uh-huh

Oh I’m a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I  love

Some folks just have one, yeah, others, they’ve got non


Stay with me….

Let’s just breathe…


Practiced all my sins, never gonna let me wun, uh-huh

Under everything, just another human being, uh-huh

I don’t wanna hurt, there’s  so much in this world to make me bleed


Stay with me…

You’re all I see…


Did I say that I need you?

Did I say that I want you?

Oh, if I didn’t I’m a fool you see

No one knows this more than me


As I come clean….

I wonder everyday, as I look upon your face, uh-huh

Everything you gave

And nothing you would save, oh no


Nothing you would take

Everything you gave….


Did I say that I need you?

Oh, did I say that I want you?

Oh, if I didn’t I’m a fool you see

No one knows that more than me

And I come clean, ah….


Nothing you would take

Everything you gave

Hold me till I die

Anatomy of My Run

Saturday was a beautiful day.

I was up at 6:30, thankful in my bed that the girls were worn out enough to still be asleep. I quietly slipped on my running shoes, to hear the footsteps of little people greeting me, but they were content to watch TV until daddy got up while I went to run.

It’s been a long time since I ran four miles, I know it was last year. This week my mantra has been that of do what feels good to my body. I set out intentionally with a goal and modify as I need to.

ANATOMY OF MY RUN: My runs now start with a yoga in the drive way; forward fold, downward dog, half downward dog, warrior two, forward fold, reach for the sun, set my intention for the run to feel the strength of my body,  as my muscles stretch I feel more relaxed, my back not as tense, my legs ready to go. Walk for a moment or two, ease into the run with a slow jog. Music running through my head, Clarity, Happy, Ricochet… pick up the pace. Down the hill, lose the music for a minute, up the hill it comes back, listen to my breath, feel my feet hit the pavement, strike in the middle, not the heel, think about it,  breath deliberately. One mile down, finally this year I have made it a mile straight, down, down, down, dreading the up that’s followed by a steeper up, “Run the whole thing, don’t quit!” reach the stop sign, smile at yourself. Turn left, two mile stop is close, today is the day I make four again. The sun peeking over the treetops now, I smile wider, the beat fuels me. My legs feel strong, my lungs don’t ache for breath, it all feels in sync, for a moment I consider stretching this to a six mile day and then remind myself I am still recovering, I don’t want my months of stretching and little runs to be for nothing; six and more will be here before I know it. Feel the sweat dripping down my arms under a long sleeved shirt, down the middle of my back, time to take the shirt off, instantly feel cooler, even a little chilly. Turn back into the subdivision. Down the hill, sprint it, run it hard, take advantage, down again, use it to push me up. Two more hills and head for home….walk in the door. Breathless. 50:02. It’s far from my best, but it felt amazing to go out and do it.

Running is therapy for me. I don’t need anyone to do it with me, I actually prefer to go alone. Many runs have a pause for tears, it’s when I am out there alone I can feel whatever I need to – sadness, pride, frustration, anger, joy – many of my runs there is a stretch where no one can hear me and sometimes I will scream, sometimes it’s really loud, but it lightens me.

I get home refreshed, renewed, able to give my love and attention to those who need it.




I am an incredibly competitive person.

I hate to lose.

I love having a goal to push toward.


Last weekend I went back to Weight Watchers after two weeks of using My Fitness Pal; results, personally I lost 3.2#, for WW I lost 1#. So it was a success and I really like the tracking aspect much better than the WW ap – I feel that tracking calories and being accountable for everything eaten is not only a better method, but makes me think more before I consume anything. Had I been totally honest and tracked every single day of the 14 I would have lost more.


When I arrived home I started the fun task of cleaning out my closet of the winter items, some of which I am going to be donating next fall because they are too big, and as I looked through things from last summer I notice that some garments still fit and some do not – they are too tight.


Then like many women do, I dared myself to stand in front of our mirror naked and take an honest look at what I saw.


I often think about the difference between what I see and what my husband sees, what other people see, and I looked again.

Conclusion: The only opinion that means anything is my own. If I don’t like it, no showering of compliments or criticisms is going to make any difference, and the mirror needed some Windex.


So why then do I make myself feel like I am competing against women in their 20’s, who haven’t had kids, or have more time to work out, etc… the competition shouldn’t be with any of those outside forces!!


Reality Check: I am never going to be in my 20’s again, I am never going to have the body I did before kids, it’s not likely that I will ever have the time to give a few hours for working out a day, or hours a day to plan and cook the perfect meals. But, what I do have is an idea in my head of what I want, and how I can make that happen

Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more!!!

The winter has definitely hit hard, it makes getting in activity a little more challenging. Admittedly I have been lazy, the grey dreary skies have never been a friend of mine, and this cold…well don’t get me started, spring training is only a few short days away which means spring is near as well.

I have recently been inspired by a woman who I have known since I was 4 or 5 years old. She has been participating in an Instagram challenge for January posting the most amazing yoga poses. So I messaged her and I went to my first yoga and barre class this past Sunday morning at Full Body Yoga & Fitness Let me say…ahhhmmmmazing! The class that I took was the Slow Flow, geared toward all ability levels, thank goodness because being a beginner at anything is a struggle for me, I want to be right, right away. Oddly enough this was a very comfortable newbie experience, I could feel the connection to my martial arts training and my body easily accepted what I was doing, and at the end, my entire back released and felt better than it has in months. I am signed up already for several other sessions this week. 

The Barre class was something totally foreign to me, I am not a “ballet” type but I have heard such good things about the workout I had to try it. My arms, legs and rear can testify that it was a workout and then some, add that to the squat challenge I am in with my Weight Watchers ladies the temptation to run when I got home was quickly put to rest, though I did consider it.

My hope is that I gain some strength and flexibility and maybe a little of that inner peace we all search for, to tone my jiggly spots back to where they belong, to let my foot heal and when outdoor running season is upon me (please hurry warm weather) I will get up to speed quickly, pun intended. 

 What we steadily, consciously, habitually think we are, that we tend to become


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